Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SOA Governance - The book is out!

The most awaited book on SOA Governance is finally out. It has been aptly entitled: SOA Governance: Achieving and Sustaining Business and IT Agility.I happen to be an author of the same! We have compiled all our collective field experience, knowledge, wisdom and futuristic thinking on this elusive and hotly debated topic on SOA Governance.
The theme of the book is like this: We go into a company and find out that their SOA and the governance around all SOA intiatives is not working - it is broke and they are begging the question on how to fix it in order to reap the true benefits of SOA.
Through a near-real-world case study we take each aspects of this emerging discipline and provide prescriptive guidance on how to institutionalize SOA Governance in an enterprise.

The idea is that, for any SOA initiative, to follow the practical, well illustrated and prescriptive guidelines that is laid out in this book and implement this at your own enterprise or any consulting engagements where you are helping your client/customer out to address SOA Governance as a discipline.

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Anonymous said...

for runtime soa governance check our a product called JaxView. Is the most comprehensive and cost effective tool on the market

Tilak said...

What are the aspects of Runtime SOA Governance that is addressed and realistically covered in your JaxView tool?

Sabra said...

thanks for ur iformation.

Anonymous said...